Garrett Robert

Robert Garrett

Digital Account Manager

Name:Robert Garrett
Date of birth:April 10, 1981
Address:33 Birch Avenue Scone Perth
I am a deeply philosophical and spiritual man. I feel this is relevant to mention as it is a part of my character that shines through, and will be obvious to any employer wishing to interview me. My work and travel experience means that not only am i equipped for life and death experiences, but I am also perfectly happy standing behind a till serving customers if this is asked of me.


01.2011 - 12.2013

Scottish Fire Service

Retained Fire Fighter / Full time Fire Fighter


Obtaining a job as a fire fighter in the UK is known as being very difficult. There are over 1100 applicants for one job vacancy.  I achieved this position after applying only once, and passing all the tests first time.

As a Fire Fighter you are trained to respond to many different emergency situations, including house fires, explosions, chemical spills, water rescue, mountain rescue and animal rescue. I was trained as a first responder first aider, a water rescue technician, and rope rescue technician.

The reason for my short stay in the fire service, it was purely down to personal reasons. I was a very capable Fire Fighter but the best way I can describe my experience was that I was a round peg in a square hole

Despite my short stay in the Fire Service, I am proud of my achievement, but perhaps more proud of myself for leaving. Not everyone has the courage to admit to themselves that something is not for them. It is important for me that I am always true to myself, and in this instance I believe I showed great respect for myself by choosing to leave a job I’d worked so hard for. It did of course give me experiences that most people will never have. I have dealt with death, fire, flooding and many more high pressure emergency situations and this means that where others feel pressure I can usually remain calm.

12.2008 - 12.2010

Charles Mair fine foods

Shop Manager


This was a manager’s job in a local fine foods store/delicatessens. We sold all the foods that supermarkets didn’t. I was left in full control of the shop,and was the only member of staff as the shop owner would only make an appearance every so often. It was my responsibility to order and restock the shop, stock rotate, serve customers, open and close the store, and cash up at the end of each day.

I introduced certain things to the shop that were purely my idea, and which ended up being hugely beneficial to the business, such as introducing a catering service, using the shop stock to cater to clients at their own businesses. On my initiative, we purchased a large orange juicer, which was the main shop feature, and paid for itself in a matter of months. In the two years I was in charge, the shop brought in enough money to pay both mine and the owner’s wage.

I learned a lot about my managerial skills during this time.

09.2005 - 03.2007

Care services

Community Care Worker


My responsibility as a care worker was to collect my client list and requirements every day from the main office. I would then let myself into clients’ houses, and provide the care required with their particular disability. Many if not most were hugely physically disabled, and therefore required everything to be done for them. This would include taking them to the toilet, washing and bathing them, feeding them and helping them get dressed.

Also I would socialise with them, occasionally going for meals, the movies or if asked of me even the pub to join them for a drink.

This was a very challenging and rewarding job with a huge amount of responsibility.

04.1997 - 06.2005

McRae and Dick Ford Garage

Mechanic/ Ford technician


After leaving school I went on to do my apprenticeship in car and light vehicle mechanics. I did this job for the first 9 years of my working life. My job involved car service and maintenance, including advanced engine and transmission diagnosis. I was daily replacing clutches, gearboxes, diagnosing cars and maintaining their road safety.

I later went on to qualify as a Ford technician, which is a specialist mechanic.

Uniquely Braw

Digital Account Manager


Developing and managing digital accounts

Building and maintaining strong client relationships

Responsible for the Account and the overall relationship

Guidance and stewardship throughout the Digital process

Presenting work to clients and potential clients

Drive Outcomes, Profitability and Productivity across Accounts

Managing online social campaigns

Professional copy writing during campaigns

Creating client’s digital strategy

Managing program execution and financial performance


06.2007 - 08.2008

Elmwood College –Fife

Student of a Higher Access to Education course


Having been away from education for a while, and leaving school at 16 to do my mechanic’s apprenticeship I decided to take myself back to school to further myself for any potential careers I may decide to do.

This course was an access to higher education, meaning once passed I could achieve entry to university if I desired.

The course material I studied was a mix of higher Psychology, philosophy, sociology, and English. I was successful in passing this course and did not only pass, but expanded my mind away from what had been initially a very trade-based working history.


Gullane Fire College

Secondary Education Exam


At this college I attended an intensive 16 week fire fighter training programme. This was military based training, involving 9 hours of physical fire fighter training on the drill square every day.

I passed this process to go on to be a Fire Fighter in Training.

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